For those interested in donating to the organization John Mwaura Munyua told us about:

Group Blue Two:Julia Walker, Pui-Quan Cheng, Cedric Hairston, and Barbara Cerwinske
Lesson: "I Have the Power!"


Group Blue One: E.J. Mahland, John Mwaura Munyua, Kathleen Trump, and Jennifer Nebel
Lesson: "Global Struggle for Freedom"


Group Green Three: Karen Bryant, Ferres Joshua, Harriet Figures, Bev Frevert, Melissa Zeitz, and Barbara Cerwinske
Lesson: "One Person Takes the First Step and Together Many People Make a Leap!"

Group Yellow Three: Kathryn Peterson, Sally Leety, Xose' Alvarino, and Analiese Smith
Lesson: "Children of the Movement"


Group Red two: Jessica Stringer, Pankaj Sharma, Patrick Connelly, Micah Richardson, and Sarah Paulin
Lesson: "The Jim Crow Laws"


Group Red one: Beverly Sweet, Cristin Haake, Fara Wolfson, Kelly Quintero-Lashley, and Sukhui Kim
Lesson: "Revolution and Reconciliation"

Group Green One: Candida Palmieri, Jessica Gordon, John Boylan, and Regina Talento
Lesson: "My Story-Individuals in the Civil Rights Movement"


Group Yellow one: Irina Lisnyak, Diana Rahm, John Billman, Molly Beard, Susan Daniel, Lou Kindschi
Lesson: "Music and the Civil Rights Movement"


Group Green two: Barbara Hoff, Larry Sims, Wes Cable, Kentis Brown, and Beth Kuhlman
Lesson: "Voices in the Park"